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are fleet enemas safe to use after the expiration date

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Q: Are expired fleet enemas safe to use?
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Is it safe to use expired Lemon Meringue mix?

No. If it was safe, then it wouldn't be expired.

Is beef stock safe to use if expired?

non expired beef stock is not safe if not handled properly so you can imagine expired stock.

Is expired tattoo ink safe to use?


Is it safe to eat with expired propane tank?

It is safe to use an expired propane tank because it is a heat source and not an actual food. The only concern is if the tank is still safe to use without a risk of combusting.

Is cream safe for use in coffee?

As long as it hasn't expired.

Can boys use enemas?


If I have expired batteries, are they still safe to use, and if so, will they last as long as ones that are not expired?

If you look at them and they aren't leaking you can use them,but they' will likely not work as long as new batteries would.

Is it safe to use expired hydrocortisone cream?

Yes. Can't hurt, but may be less effective.

When is it safe to use out of print book materials without copyright infringement?

"Out of print" does not equal public domain. A work is safe to use only if the copyright has expired or deliberately been placed in the public domain by the rights holder. Or if the copyright has expired and was not properly renewed.

Is it safe to use expired herbal medicines?

no it's not. As time goes on, herbs undergo a process called fermentation and can develop a poisonous alcohol named "carne". It just depends how expired they are.

Is it safe to eat expired herbal capsules?

This depends on the length of time they have been expired. If they have expired for under four months, then it is usually safe to use because all herbs have strong preservative properties. Anything longer than four months means that fungi might have developed within the herb, and the kinds of fungi that develop within herbs are definitely not safe to eat.

Is tinned and sealed food always safe to eat?

Yes, most Tinned/sealed food is safe to eat. The only time that it isn't safe to eat is if the "Use by date" has expired