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Enoxaparin isn't something you want to fool around with - if it's expired, get a new injection because it won't work effectively. That's what expired means.

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Q: Are enoxaparin injections still effective if used about 4 months after expiration date?
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Is zantac 150 still effective 14 months after expiration date?

Yes medical research has shown that Zantac (Ranitidine) is still effective up to 1.5 years after expiration date. After that it begins to lose some of its potency. Like canned food with expiration dates as long as the package is sealed and properly stored it lasts well beyond the expiration date.

Can you take fioricet after 7 months expiration date?

Expiration dates mean the date that the drug is full-strength. After that date, it's no longer as effective. You can take it, but it probably won't work well.

How long is the expiration of GAMCA medical?

three months

How long does it take for your booty to grow after hydrogel injections?

18 months

How many months before expiration gammca medical?

A gamca is not good after 3 months. This is a condom.

How close to expiration of a passport can you travel out of the country?

6 months

How long after expiration date is ovaltine safe to drink?

2 months

How long before expiration of an schedule 3 drug?

6 months after date of issuance

Are facet injections still given for osteoarthritis?

I am assuming that by "facet injections" you mean hydrocortisone injections at the site of spinal facets for pain relief. I still get them about every 6 months or so. I have a combination of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease and the injections do help manage my pain.

Can you eat Swiss cheese 3 months past its expiration date?


How long will you miss your period on Lupron?

Lupron injections usually last about 3 months, and 2 injections are usually given in sequence for endometriosis treatment. You will likely not have a period for at least 6 months, and sometimes it can take a few months to become regular after the medication has left your system.

Are Xanax still good to take even if they are 18 months old?

Medicine should never be taken after the expiration date. The bottle the medicine came in should have the expiration date printed on the label. As drugs age, they become less effective, and if the pills have been stored in a cool, dark, dry place they may last longer. But, eighteen months is really a long time, even at that, so you should toss them.