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Nothing is really good or bad, per se. All natural foods are healthy in moderation, so they are good. And they are unhealthy if over-consumed.

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Q: Are eggs good or bad for your health?
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Is Eating eggs and smoking is good for health?

Eating eggs is quite good for your health, however, it is best not to live on them. Smoking IS bad for you health and it is best to quit. Eating eggs will not make smoking any less bad for you. Try to quit smoking. :)

A crate of eggs has 60 eggs.6of them are bad .What percentage is bad and what percentage is good plz show working?

To determine the percentage of bad and good eggs, we need to calculate the ratio of bad eggs to the total number of eggs and then convert it to a percentage. Calculate the number of good eggs: Total number of eggs - Number of bad eggs = 60 - 6 = 54 Calculate the percentage of bad eggs: (Number of bad eggs / Total number of eggs) × 100% = (6 / 60) × 100% = 10% Calculate the percentage of good eggs: (Number of good eggs / Total number of eggs) × 100% = (54 / 60) × 100% = 90% Therefore, 10% of the eggs are bad and 90% of the eggs are good.

I eat 2 boiled eggs daily. Is it good or bad for my health?

Whether eggs are good or bad for you seems to change every few years. But currently, I hard boiled eggs are considered a healthy source of protein, nutrients, and good cholesterol. 2 eggs a day is probably more than safe, its probably a pretty healthy breakfast.

Is lays good for health?

Its good or bad,i dont know,..Packing foods are always bad for health.

Can bad eggs in Pokemon actually be good?

A bad egg is a bad egg.

Is Boiled eggs are good for health and hair?


Are eggs good for your health?

yes they are high in protein

Is pig fat good or bad for your health?

bad, bad, BAD

Are sausages bad or good for your health?

its very bad

Is health care good or bad in the UK?


Is coffee a good or bad drink?

Coffee tastes good but it is bad for your health.

How does air affect your health?

Good air is good for your health; bad air is bad. Really bad air can kill you in less than one minute.