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all fumes are potentially harmful to humans

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Q: Are creosote fumes harmful to humans?
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Are human urine fumes harmful to us humans?


Are creosote fumes toxic?

Yes, creosote fumes are toxic, as well as skin contact with creosote, or ingestion. Asphalt workers; railroad workers; iron, steel, rubber, and tire factory workers; wood preservative industry workers; and coke-producing industry workers are all at higher risk for exposure to creosote fumes.

Which two gases in exhaust fumes are harmful for humans?

The two gases in exhaust fumes that are harmful to humans are carbon monoxide and nitrogen. Nitrogen is not as dangerous as the carbon monoxide, because the atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen.

What type of fumes and are they fumes harmful?

Many fumes are harmful in fact most fumes are harmful. There are many type of fumes and most of them are harmful but they can be filtered and cleansed to stop them harming th eenvironment

Can a kerosene heater fumes be harmful to a bunny?

YES! They breathe just like humans!

Are creosote fumes harmful to parrots?

A bird owner I knew had all of his very expensive parrots in outdoor aviaries in his back yard. He had no idea that the railroad ties surrounding his back yard were dangerous. On a hot summer day he lost almost every one of his birds due to the fumes coming from the timbers. These creosote soaked ties are even hazardous to human health.

Are creosote smells harmful to health?

probably a little, Creosote is a carcinogenic that has been baned in many country's.

When you burn creosote from an outside fire can the fumes make you sick?

Any fumes may be dangerous but this depends on the chemical nature of the fumes, dimension of particles, time of exposition, concentration in the atmosphere.

Can creosote railroad trestles be used in building houses.?

Creosote has a history as a skin irritant as well as a cancer causing agent. the fumes can irritate lungs as well. See the attached website.

Are banana fumes harmful?


What are earthquake hazards?

An example of an earthquake hazard is the violent shaking and buildings falling on people and the fumes from liquefaction being harmful to humans animals.

Are dry erase fumes harmful?

The fumes that come from dry erase markers are not harmful. The markers do smell very bad but they will not hurt you in no way.