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Q: Are condoms sold to minors in stater bros?
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Do boots sell free condoms?

No. Free condoms, or anything else, are by definition, not sold.

How many condoms are sold in Canada?

40 billion

How many condoms are sold per day in the UK?

162,895,384 Condoms per day are being sold and around 1,302,932 are being used that same very day.

What type of products are sold at Condom Depot?

Condoms are sold at Condom Depot. These include all of the types of condoms that are readily available. Both lubricated and non-lubricated are available there.

Can minors buy lighters in Oregon?

Oregon does not allow devices used to burn tobacco to be sold to minors. They made a special law about novelty lighters.

Is Super Smash Bros. sold at gamers?

No but you can get it online.[like on Ebay]

Is there Super Smash Bros. ds?

Yes there is. It is sold in EB games for $69.99

Where did the game monoploy come from?

It was originally marketed by Parker Bros. and was sold to Hasbro.

What are popular products sold to teens?

Condoms, ipods, Cell phones, and drugs (only for the fun kids)

Can you buy a piercing needle under age 18?

No, they are not for sale to minors. A standard bevelled piercing needle is a modified hypodermic needle, minus its coupling attachment, and it is for this reason that they are not to be sold to minors.

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the most played games is Super Mario bros at 40.23 million sold, and super Mario world at 20 million sold there is also super Mario bros 3 at 18 million sold, those are the top most played that i have seen.

Where is super smash bros 3ds being sold currently in Wisconsin?

It's not out yet.