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Q: Are cats eyes sensitive to bright light?
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Why are the eyes of insects sensitive to bright light?

because they have very very small eyes

Are cats eyes cats eyes?

Yes, Cats eyes, are 'cats eyes' although their eyes aren't the same as maybe the marble 'cats eye', only in bright light- i suppose they are just eyes though

Why does Bill Cosby wear sunglasses all the time?

His eyes are sensitive to bright light!

Why are ocelot cats by the road?

Ocelots have a tendency to hang out by roads during the night because their sensitive eyes are attracted to light.

How bright are tiger's eyes?

Like a pet cats.

What is gambit's weakness?

Gambits eyes are very sensitive to bright lights.

Which characteristic when squinting in bright light?

cos your eyes haven't adjusted to the bright light

Can an animal with dilated eyes still see?

Yes - the dilation only affects the amount of light entering the eye. However, your animal will likely be very sensitive to bright light and may choose to keep its eyes closed to avoid pain.

Are cats eyes a light source?

well they eyes are like our eyes they can get blind

Why are the pupils of cats eyes sometimes large and at other times thin slits?

In bright light, a cat's pupil will narrow to a slit to stop too much light getting in, which can be harmful to its eyes. In dim light, the pupil will get much bigger to let the light in, making it easier for the cat to see in dim light.

Why are your eyes so sensitive to sunlight?

Eyes can be sensitive to light due to medications that may be used. If a person has light eyes, they may have photophobia which is also a sensitivity to light of the sun. If you are sensitive to sunlight, then wearing a pair of sunglasses may help.

Why is it difficult to focus your eyes if the sun is too bright?

because the light blinds our eyes it is to bright no one can see it