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no but kristie joshi (add her on facebook) isnt with anyone in particular she holds a prostitution service every frida night in lincolnshire either call her on this number for a quote 07518400968 or simply meet her on portland street corner between the hours of 6pm and 2am. prices start at £6 per hour

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Q: Are brenden and rachel from big brother still together?
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Are rachael and brandon of big brother 6 still together?

Not yet but they are engaged Rachel won big brother 13 and she is spending the half million dollars on her and brendan's wedding i HATE DANIELLE SH IS SUCH A BULLY

Is Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams still together?

Not anymore

Are Marilyn Manson and rachel Evan wood still together?


Are Rachel Carsons siblings still alive?

no,because her sister died in 1937 and her brother died in a war.

Who deflowers Rachel on glee?

Rachel is still a virgin.

Are Andrew and Hayley from big brother still together?

No, they split a few months after the show ended.

Are Ollie and April of Big Brother 10 still together?

The last update I saw was in December of 2008 and yes they were still together!

Will rachel and Finn get back together?

In Season 4, Ep 19, they were still in love with each other, but as of Season 5, Ep 20, Finn has passed away, and therefore they can no longer be together.

What is the one thing that Ross and Rachel argue the most about?

Ross slept with someone the night he and Rachel broke up because he though her and Mark(a coworker of Rachel's) were sleeping together. Rachel called him and went to his apartment the next morning to makeup while the girl he slept with was secretly still there. Rachel says this was wrong of him but he says they were on a break.

How many brother and sister did vybz kartel have?

freeid and his babes still together forever

What has the author Rachel Bowlby written?

Rachel Bowlby has written: 'Still crazy after all these years'

Do fin and Rachel break up?

Rachel and Finn break up in Special Education. Finn gets back with Quinn in Original Song. but Finn and Rachel go back to being friends At the funeral Finn breaks up with Quinn because he still loves Rachel. Finn and Rachel share 2 kisses in New York. and they get back together in the end of New York.