Are boys and girls different

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Yes they are. They tend to be very different in some areas, and alike in others.

Even if boys and girls are originally different they should carry what is essential, appropriate, seasonal and applicable in their every interaction with the opposite sex.

Differences should not be stressed but rather used for mutual appreciation and benefit

ducklover132's answer: There are physical and mental differences. Firstly, males have more testosterone than females, and females have more estrogen than males. Males have no breasts, but they can have breast tissue, and they have a penis along with a scrotum. Males are physically stronger than females. Females have breasts and a vagina, along with a body that houses more fat.

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No, girls are better because:

1. Girls can stay cool when it's hot by wearing short skirts and dresses and boys can't

2. Girls are better at most sports, and if the boys try to play girls' sports like Netball they can tease them about it

3. Girls don't have to put up with all sorts of irritating bits in their underwear

4. Girls can go without underwear whenever they want, but if a boy even walks a few steps without underwear his bits drive him crazy

5. Girls never have to worry about being hit in those parts, boys do

6. A girl can tease a boy so much he goes out of his wits and no-one minds, but if boys are ever mean to girls they get into trouble

7. Girls can torment boys just by wearing short skirts or flaunting her boobs because all boys want girls. No boy can get a girl hot and bothered in the same way

8. Girls don't get as hot or thirsty as boys

9. Girls develop faster and so are usually stronger

10. Girls can be majorettes, cheerleaders, ballerinas, figure skaters and a million other things boys can't be

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Well, Girls have Breasts, and they have a vagina! And, Boys have no breasts, and they have a penis!

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Q: Are boys and girls different
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