Are big lips good

Updated: 9/7/2023
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yeh its ok i supose

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some of them but not all

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Q: Are big lips good
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Is it good for boys to have big lips?

If there Romeos then yes;)

Do boys prefer small lips or big lips?

Big sexy kissable lips!

What does it mean when a boy kisses you and after says your big lips?

it means your a good kisser

Is big facial lips a good or bad thing?

It is a good thing. Famous people pay thousands of dollars just to get their look to have a "fuller" look. I have big lips too but everyone says I look like a model because of them. :)

Why are Obama's lips so big?

The theory is that black people (african americans) have big lips. Obama is black, so therefore he has big lips.

What animals have big lips?

One animal that has extremely big and thick lips is the camel. However, the bat fish and the orangutan also have pretty big lips.

Which computer app has big lips on it?

no app have lips

Who has fish lips?


Why is Jay-Z lips so big?

He is black. All black ppl have big lips

Why do blacks have thin lips and big ears?

Some do, some don't. Those that do, had parents with thin lips and big ears.

Can you kiss better if you have big lips?

That really depends on your partners personal preference. Some like big lips some like small lips. If your partner prefers big lips then yes, they would probably say you could kiss better.Your 'kissing technique' doesn't automatically improve with bigger lips or anything though

After you are an adult do your lips grow im asking if just like you get fat or your breast get bigger do your lips grow naturally without tricks medical treatments or lip plumpers?

No, if you want bigger lips then you might have to get plastic surgery on your lips. If people are born with big lips their lips are just naturally big.