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The danger of "bath salts" (euphemism for inhaled drugs) is from smoking them, inhaling their vapors, or their powdered form, to achieve temporary euphoria. These chemicals are extremely psychoactive and often physiologically reactive, and can lead to severe or fatal adverse reactions.

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Q: Are bath salts more dangerous than smoking?
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Will smoking bath salts give you burns on your face?

Smoking bath salts cause face sores. You should know and learn more about smoking bath salts before do it to your self to be safe.

How do people use bath salt to get high?

It can be ingested by smoking, drinking, or insulfilating (snorting). most people will go with the insulfiate route but you can mix with water and drink or smoke it as well. be careful bath salts can be dangerous.

Do more men or women do bath salts?

More Women

Are bath salts more dense than water?


What makes smoking dangerous?

Smoking is dangerous because of the chemicals inside make your body crave and you will want more and more.

What do bath salts contain?

There are many things that bath salts do. Bath salts is incredibly beneficial for your skin, your mood, your overall health and your lifestyle. If you want to learn more. check the link i found.

How long do symptoms last on bath salts?

from two-six weeks or more

What is more dangerous than smoking?


Can you get a high from injecting bath salts?

It is dangerous to inject the bath salts because of not knowing the ingredients. I have heard of people doing it but it needs to be soluable in water. most are. get some at pushnpullherbals. most legal bath salts are not any more than fake, I know pushit up aromatherapy is good plus they got many other items for sale. I think dr. feelgood, dragon and pullit up aromatherapy and pushit up aromatherapy are the only ones worth buying because I know they do the job

What in bath salt gets you high?

It depends on the bath salt. You are likely thinking about the bath salts that produce a meth-like high. These contain a chemical called MDVP (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone). Bath salts Dont get you high, but a product Called Ivory Wave which was sold as bath salts (Much like how mephedrone was sold as plant food) contained MDPV and other stimulant drugs. Please refer to the related link for more information.

If a client has oxygen what is more dangerous smoking in the room or having oils in the room?

Having oils in the room is more dangerous.

Is smoking more dangerous for younger ones?

Yes, smoking is dangerous for every body whether younger or old because the smokes can cause damage to their lungs and as well as eyes. Smoking leads to many dangerous diseases such as asthama,bronchitis,tuberclosis and cureless cancer.