Are bacteria good or bad

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Because some of the bacteria in the human body fights off diseases, and some cause them. for example, in your antibodies, you have a bacteria that fights certain sickness. Also, a type of bacteria helps you digest food. That's why it's not safe to drink hand sanitizer.

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No. Bacteria is part of our existence. We need bacteria in our daily lives. Bacteria are both harmful and useful to the environment and animals, including humans.

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Bacteria can be good or bad for you, depending on what bacteria it is.

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Q: Are bacteria good or bad
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Is bacteria good or bad for you?

Bacteria is good and bad for you.

What is bad bacteria and what is good bacteria?

bad bacteria can get you sick and ruin your immune system....and good bacteria helps protect you from the bad bacteria trying to ruin your immune system!!!

Is the rod shaped bacteria good bacteria or bad bacteria?

No such thing as "bad bacteria" and "good bacteria" because they are all one and the same (though not literally) and can be affected by the same thing if the "bad" bacteria is targeted. A rod-shaped bacterium can be any bacterial species, "good" or "bad."

Is Aquificae a good bacteria or a bad bacteria?

Aquificae are a group of bacteria that are generally considered to be neutral or beneficial in various ecosystems. They are known for their ability to metabolize in extreme environments, such as hot springs, and play a role in nutrient cycling. Overall, Aquificae are not considered to be pathogenic or harmful to humans.

Why are some mushrooms good for you and some are not?

bacteria, good mushrooms have good bacteria,bad mushrooms have bad bacteria.simple as that

What is the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria?

Good bacteria will not harm you if you consume it, it is also used in the production of cheese, alchohol and bread. Good bacteria is aslo used to break down matter in the enviroment. Bad bacteria will result in terribly BAD injuries or death. So dont consume bad bacteria and try not to consume good either! BY GEORGE.maka ...

Which bacteria is bad?

purple bacteria is good but every other color is bad

Is most bacteria bad or good?


Is bacteria in an animal cell?

bacteria is everywhere. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria but it is everywhere.

Is Endospore Formation a good bacteria or bad?


Is there bad and good bacteria?


Is thermophiles a good or bad bacteria?

it is a good microbe