Are all cute guys gay

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No and some ugly guys are gay too.

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Q: Are all cute guys gay
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How many cute guys are gay?

about 1 in 4

Does thinking a boy is cute mean you're gay?

Assuming you're a guy, almost all guys (if they're honest) will admit to finding some other guys "sexy" or "cute" or "hot." This does not mean that they are gay or bisexual. You're gay or bisexual if you want to have sex with the guy.

Are all the good-looking guys gay?

Not all gay guys are good-looking. Not all good-looking guys are gay. Sorry!

Are all cute guys smart?

Yes, all cute guys are smart, especially the ugly ones.

Are the guys in big time rush gay?

NO THEY ARE NOT they are super cute and they're probably in relationships now.

Is it gay for a guy to get a tattoo on his back?

Gay guys, straight guys, and bisexual guys can all get tattoos.

That is so not fair that he is 17why do all the cute guys have to be older than me?

Beacaue all the guys your age haven't gottan cute yet.

Are all British guys cute?

yes they are

Are you gay if you like seeing guys naked?

No, not at all. It is only gay if you are sexually attracted to the other guys.

Are cute guys gay?

not all gays are regular people too 1 out of every three guys you went o high school with was or is gay so think back where any of them cute? some of them are. for example, i had this best guy friend who was HOT! and we hung out all the time. he was kinda concieted but he was always joking about it and it was cute. i fell in love with him (not knowing at the time he was gay) and i thought he was gonna ask me out one day. but he told me he was gay. i wanted to cry but i sucked it up and told him, "i know." he was confused. he thought that if i knew, i would never speak to him again... wow i rambled... my bad. but the point is that some are cute and some arent as cute. *pause* i REALLY gotta stop talking so much...

When a straight guy compliments a gay guys hair does that mean he has an interest in you?

No, not at all. Straight guys do not take that kind of interest in gay guys.

Is the mindless bahavior guys gay?

no they all are straight and lovable guys