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Most of the bacteria are microscopic

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Q: Are all bacteria are microscopic
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What does bacteria amoeba and viruses have in common?

They are all microscopic.

Do all decomposers have to be plants?

generally decomposers are NOT plants, they are microscopic fungi and bacteria

Are bacteria a microscopic animal?

Yes bacteria are microscopic, but they aren't animals. They are a unique type of life. To learn more about bacteria see the link below:

How do you use the word microscopic in a sentence?

"The microscopic bacteria are abundant on my fingernail."

What is a general description for bacteria?


What are living bacteria?

Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms. Living bacteria are not dead.

How large can bacteria be?

Bacteria can be microscopic. It can reform and beas large as a building.

Give Examples Of Microscopic organisms?


Can bacteria see?

Bacteria cannot be seen with naked eye.They are microscopic organisms.

Is archea and bacteria and protists microscopic organisms?

yes. they are microscopic because they are single-cellular organisms.

Is microscopic organism a hetrotroph or an autotroph?

It depends on the organism. The amoeba is a microscopic heterotroph while microscopic algae and blue-green bacteria are autotrophs.

What are found in bacteria?

Bacteria are single-celled, and they have cell walls. They do not have nuclei. They are also microscopic.