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hell no are you crazy?


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Q: Are Trojan condoms better than lifestyles?
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Where can one buy Trojan Magnum condoms?

One can buy Trojan Magnum condoms at any supermarket, grocery store, or gas station. They are also available online in a multipack for a lower price than in the store.

Is a Trojan better than a spartan?


What condoms should you buy?

When you can legally consent to sex.

Is 2 condoms better than 1?

no you're better off with one because if they rub together they might split! have fun :)

Are female condoms better than male condoms?

From the functionality perspective, both are better. This is not just another contraceptive sheath but was also designed to fit the female anatomy. Over 20 years now it has been in the market but still male condom is more popular. Overall male condoms have ease of use of male condom. Female condoms are usually made of nitrile sheath as against latex and offers more lubrication.

Changes in lifestyles in the United states occurred than those in Europe?

Changes in lifestyles in the US occurred more quickly than those in Europe.

How bad is a Trojan virus?

A trojan virus is worse than a normal virus and is more likely to crash your computer

Would a Drug mart sell me condoms if im 14?

Condoms are not really an age-restricted product, and I'm sure they would rather sell you condoms than send you away to have unprotected sex.

Do condoms for women help prevent pregnancy?

Yes if used properly, but they are more difficult to use and less reliable than male condoms.

Who was the strongest than all in Trojan war?


I just found 2 boxes of unopened female condoms in a truck we don't use and my husband and I don't use condoms I believe he was hiding them what do you think?

Well know one knows that for sure but you better ask him, or talk to him about it. Quite frankly, there's no reason for them to have them other than if he was with someone who does use them.

What if you use two condoms can you still get pregnant?

Using two condoms is actually less effective than one condom alone. This is because the two condoms will rub against each other, creating friction, then can create a hole and cause them to fail.