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yes they can cause your house to collapse and they are disgusting.

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Q: Are Termites dangerous to humans if their living in the walls?
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Can a cat hear termites moving around in walls?

Cats can hear termites moving around in walls. In fact, people can even detect the presence of these critters inside walls.

What insect burrows in concrete block wall?

Termites burrow into concrete block walls. Termites live in many types of structures. In addition to walls they also live in baseboards and slabs.

Does a bug bomb kill termites?

it depends on where there colony is if it is in side the inner walls yes if it isn't then no.

Are cell walls living things?

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Do rats eat termites because if they do and you have rats living in the walls of your home then should you let them stay there?

I've never heard that & if they did, I would not count on them to get rid of a termite problem where most are not accessible anyway. You definitely don't want rats taking over your house. There is a food source & it may beshared think about it. If you were a rat, would you prefer termites or human food?

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they could die

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Only plant cells have cell walls.

In humans the respiratory surface is the walls of the?


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There are cell walls in more than just plants. There are cell walls in humans and animals too.

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it depens on the pressure exerted on the walls of the pipe , a higher press. is always dangerous

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