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It depends.

I have heard some people say that it has taken up to a month to get used to them. Personally it only took me a week. I found that after first putting them in in the morning that if i blinked fast for 20-30 seconds i got used to the 'scratching' sensation quicker.

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Q: Are RGP contacts hard to get used to?
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You are 16 and both your eyes are around 700 near sight First of all for anyone who's been wearing RGP has it been helpful in terms of slowing your near sight down Would you recommend it for a teen?

I have never heard of any contacts of any type slowing down nearsightedness (myopia). RGP lenses unlike soft-lenses, take some getting used to as they are more rigid, but once they are gotten used to they do offer some advantages over soft lens contacts. Having been a very nearsighted teen at one time, I would highly recommend contacts as teens tend to make inappropriate comments to other teens with extremely thick lenses in their glasses. Contacts in almost all cases are used for cosmetic, not medical reasons.

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Is it hard to put in and take out contact lenses?

No it is not hard to put in and take out contacts. I've been wearing them for about 3 months and I love them. At first it can be a little hard to get used to them, but once you get used to them, I'm sure you'll love them too. I have had no problems with my contacts. Just be sure you get the right contact in the right eye.

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Are contact lenses better for teenagers than glasses?

I am thirteen and I wear contacts. Contacts are great! At first, they were hard to put in, but after a while, you get used to them. They are soooo much less to fuss about than glasses, and it takes only a minute to put them in. Glasses drove me crazy. In my opinion, Contacts are sooo much better

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