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i don't think so because Logan has a girlfriend in real life

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Q: Are Logan and camille in love in reallife?
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Who does camille slaps the most kendall or Logan?


Will camille ever stop slapping Logan?

well i never saw Camille slap logan anymore in Season 3 i guess she's done slapping logan in season 3

Why did Camille cheat on Logan?

cause she was a mean poo

What is logan's girlfriend's name in Big Time Rush?


Who does Logan date on the television series Big Time Rush?

Logan Mitchel (the character) is dating Camille Roberts (the character) on the show.

In which episode of Big Time Rush does logan ask camille out?

big time dance

How do you say I love you Logan in French?

You can say "Je t'aime Logan" in French to express "I love you Logan."

That Logan and Camille will get back together in the show Big Time Rush?

They aren't currently together now, and Logan and Camille might still have feelings for each other, but the two have had their moments from the start. (Personally I think they should. This question will be answered in new episodes.

Who is dating Logan Henderson?

There have been some rumors about him dating Camille, but that's only on the show

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