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A material that can be harmful if not properly disposed of is hazardous.

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Q: Any material that can be harmful to human health or the environment if it is not properly disposed of is called-?
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Any material that can be harmful to human health or the environment if it is not properly disposed of is called?

Its commonly referred to as hazardous waste or toxic waste.

What are the environmental implications of drug abuse?

Use of disposable syringes and needles used in drug intake into the veins can be real risk and can pose a threat to others and are very harmful for the environment if not disposed properly.

How is waste material harmful to our environment?


How is recycling good for your environment?

Recycling reduces the waste in the environment. for example plastic or metal if disposed off as rubbish will end up in our earth, water or atmosphere as a pollutant and is eventually harmful for humans, animals or plants. On the other hand, when recycled the same material will be usable.

What changes has the thermometer went through?

Before thermometers use to have mercury in them and they are not harmful unless they are used properly. Mercury is harmful when it is not disposed of properly and if it spills. It is not used very much because it poses a threat to human health and the environment. Now most thermometers have alcohol in them, they work just as well as mercury thermometers but are more safe to use in case the thermometer breaks.

Water pollution is the addition of harmful substances to water some of these substances are found at home what household chemicals might be harmful if not disposed of properly?

window spray, bleach, dish soapand etc...

What problems can result from removing waste material from ore?

It can be expensive and harmful to the environment. ......

How do you dispose of unclean gasoline?

Gasoline should not be disposed of just anywhere. It can have harmful effects on the environment. Gasoline can also catch on fire. Gasoline can be recycled.

What condition make materials harmful?

Conditions that make material harmful is that when it is used for harming/destroying/killing/polluting the environment and the people.

How is motor oil harmful to the environment?

Motor oil is used to run cars. Cars add pollutants to the air when they are running. This is how motor oil can be harmful to the environment. It can also kill plants and animals if not gotten rid of properly.

Is it harmful to use docusate sodium after the expiration date?

You should not take any medicine, including docusate sodium after the expiration date. All medications should be disposed of properly when expired.

Is there mercury in the Induction lamp?

Yes and No - but it is not liquid mercury that is harmful to the environment it is a solid amalgam and is relatively harmless and meets the RoHS standards for hazardous substances, and is easily disposed of at end of life.