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Updated: 9/14/2023
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what is the book choclate fever mostly about i don't know that's why im asking

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What are some conflicts in Chocolate Fever?

He Has Chocolate Fever

Does milk and chocolate raise fever?

No, there is not any clear chance of fever with chocolate and milk...infact chocolate milkshake is good for health

What is the cure for chocolate fever?

No, normal amount wont cause.If some one has allergy to chocalate it is possible to have fever but is extremely rare occurance.

What is the summary of Chocolate Fever?

"Chocolate Fever" is a children's book by Robert Kimmel Smith about a boy named Henry who loves chocolate so much that he develops a fever for it. As he indulges in chocolate treats, his skin turns brown and he starts to worry. With the help of a doctor, Henry learns moderation and the importance of a balanced diet.

Can you eat chocolate when you have a fever?

Well you can eat anything when you have a fever. but its the thing do you want to eat or not???? but yes i do eat chocolate when i have i fever. i also drink hot chocolate and chocolate milk.....

Who the publisher for Chocolate Fever?

The publisher iscowardmcmcan

Who are the main charictor in chocolate fever?


When and where the story chocolate fever took place?

in a house

Can hot chocolate make a high fever?

Not usually, no.

What is the tone in the book chocolate fever?

The tone in the book "Chocolate Fever" is mostly light-hearted and humorous. The story is engaging and entertaining, with a sense of whimsy and adventure throughout. It captures the excitement and fun of a young boy's obsession with chocolate.

What do you beginning middle and end of the book chocolate?

i think it is about a boy named henry green who has chocolate fever

How many pages are in Chocolate Fever?

I think 1 98