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... a side effect.

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Q: An unfavorable response due to prescribed medical treatment is?
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An unfavorable response due to prescribed medical treatment is known as?

An unfavorable response due to prescribed medical treatment is known as a/an SIDE EFFECT

What is the medical term meaning illness that is unfavorable response to a prescribed medical treatment?

An latrogenic illness is one that results from treatment.

What is the medical abbreviation meaning prescription?

Rx is the medical abbreviation meaning prescription.

Are heroin users drug abusers?

Yes, unless the heroin is prescribed as a short term medical treatment.

Can I have Ivig treatment and cancer targeted therapy?

If you are ill you should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) and follow the treatment prescribed by that doctor for your condition.

Can garcinina of cambogia be taken when being in treatment with Efexor and Rivotril?

NO! not unless a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) has specifically prescribed these for you.

What is an iatrogenic?

An iatrogenic infection is one actually caused by accidental medical actions. Iatrogenic means a complication as a result of treatment. Iatrogenic means that was caused by a doctor, or by a treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Is there any self help treatment for cellulitis?

No, cellulitis is a serious bacterial skin infection that requires prompt medical attention and treatment with antibiotics prescribed by a healthcare professional. It is not recommended to attempt self-help treatment for cellulitis.

What is definition of medical neglect?

Medical neglect refers to the failure to provide necessary medical care or treatment to a person in need, especially when it leads to harm or worsening of their health condition. It can involve neglecting to seek appropriate medical attention, delaying treatment, or not following through with prescribed medical care.

What is the population of American Medical Response?

The population of American Medical Response is 17,000.

When was American Medical Response created?

American Medical Response was created in 1992.

Can you give your 13 day old budesonide breathing treatment?

No, you must seek medical guidence before giving a child of any age un prescribed medication.