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Q: An is a substance that tends to impair health or cause death when introduced into the body or onto skin surfaces?
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A substance that tends to impair health or cause death when introduced into the body or onto skin surfaces?


What is the substance that tends to impair health or cause death when introduced to the body or onto the skin surfaces?

A toxin.

What is a detailed or scientific definition for Poison?

"a (harmful) substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or impair health"Information taken from:

How does alcohol affect mental health?

Alcohol can worsen mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. It can also impair judgment, increase impulsivity, and contribute to mood swings. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to long-term mental health issues, including substance abuse disorders.

What are the health requirements for truck drivers training?

Only conditions that would impair your driving, like epilepsy, would be a problem. Otherwise, they will not be picky over your health.

Is it legal to drive with Ativan for the dot?

It depends. Any substance, such as alcohol or drugs, prescription or otherwise, that influence/impair your driving can violate state laws. The idea is that if you are not safe to drive you should not be driving. It's an issue of public safety. If you have something in your system that COULD impair your driving, then the next step is to determine if it DID impair your driving. A few ounces of beer with a meal would probably not influence/impair your driving. As you increase the concentration you make the influence/impairment more likely. Same with drugs. The short answer, low dose, less likely to impair, high dose, more likely to impair.

Can you burn out your brain from spice?

YES! It is very bad for you and can do a lot more damage than that. I would not suggest it! If you are referring to 'spice' as simply a substance, like rosemary or thyme or cayenne, actually, spices are very beneficial to the health, specifically for circulatory system and neurological health. If you are referring to an illegal drug, such drugs are illegal because they have dangerous health effects. Any drug can permanently impair brain function.

What is a synomym for impair?

impair=hinder, impede

How does drinking too much alcohol damage health?

Alcohol over indulgence can impair liver function, and sap potassium levels.

How much marijuana will impair your vision?

Too much marijuana will impair your vision. Only a little bit will impair your judgement.

A word that means substance that kills or injures is?

Kill and injure have several synonyms. Kill has murder, terminate, and defeat. Injure has maim, deface, harm, impair, and wrong.

What is a sentence for impair?

The unbearable stench in the air seemed to impair her senses.