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Positive i think

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Q: An inverse relationship has what type of slope?
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Must be positive the slope of an inverse relationship?

The slope of an inverse relationship

A straight line on a graph means there is a what relationship?

A direct relationship if the slope of the line is positive. An inverse relationship if the slope of the line is negative.

What is the relationship between slope and a perpendicular line?

If a line has a slope m then a line perpendicular to it has a slope -1/m ( negative inverse). For example if a line has slope positive 2, its perpendicular has slope -1/2

Which of the following is observed in a scatter plot when there is an inverse relationship between x and y?

Points slope down as it moves to the right

Is the inverse of a line with the slope greater than one is a line with the slope less than one?

A line does not have an inverse!

How do you find the inverse of the slope of the line?

Write the equation of the line in the standrad form: y = mx + c The slope of this line is m The inverse of the slope is then 1/m. Note, that for a line perpendicular to the first, you need the negative inverse, not just the inverse. And the negative inverse of m is -1/m.

Is the inverse of a line with positive slope a line with negative slope?


Demand curve slopes downwards from left to right. this is the negative slope that shows the inverse relationship between price and demand. explain why does the demand curve slope downwards?

because demand decreases as price increases :)

A demand line shows an inverse relationship?

demand line shows an inverse relationship

Is the relationship between pressure and volume direct or inverse?

the relationship between pressure and volume a direct or inverse?

Can you give a sentence using the word inverse?

Sodium and potassium have an inverse relationship. In an inverse relationship, two things are opposite and react to each other.

When is the inverse of a itself a function?

Since the inverse of a function is it's reflection over the line x=y, which has a slope of 1. The only way a function can be It'a own inverse is if it is a liner function whose slope is perpendicular to the line. Since a perpendicular line is any line with the negative recoprocal of the slope, any linear function whose slope is -1 will be it's own inverse. - stefanie math 7-12 teacher