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Q: An individual with an androgynous gender role is healthier than one with a traditional gender role?
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What is the elf gender?

In traditional folklore and fantasy literature, elves are typically depicted as androgynous or having fluid gender identities. They are often portrayed as being able to change their physical appearance to match their gender expression or societal role.

What is androginous?

Androgynous refers to a person who exhibits both masculine and feminine qualities or characteristics, blurring the traditional gender distinctions. It can also refer to a style or fashion that is neither specifically masculine nor feminine.

What is the true meaning of the word androgynous?

Androgynous refers to a person or being that exhibits both male and female characteristics, blending elements of both genders. It challenges traditional gender norms and binaries by encompassing qualities of both masculinity and femininity.

When Sandra Bem discusses androgyny is she talking about gender role or gender identity?

Both, gender roles will influence gender identity. the expectations that are place on specific genders which will consequently create the stereotypical gender roles will influence an individual's gender identification. So androgynous individuals who identify with both masculine and famine stereotypical behaviors and "roles" will be more flexible in their gender identity.

What is it called when a girl wants to be a boy but they want to be a femboy or androgynous?

When a girl wants to be a boy but presents as a femboy or androgynous, this can be described as gender nonconformity, where their gender expression does not adhere to traditional societal norms. It can also be a form of genderqueer or genderfluid identity, where individuals may feel a mix of masculine and feminine characteristics.

What is opposite of androgynous?

The opposite of androgynous is gendered or gender-specific, referring to characteristics or behaviors that are distinctly masculine or feminine.

What is an androgynous man?

its when you have both male and female organs with more of a female apperance. ^^^No. An androgynous male is a male born person who's gender expression is androgynous. This means that said male's appearance is anywhere between "slightly feminine" to "very feminine." Androgynous basically just means that your appearance is neither completely female nor completely male, and lies somewhere in the middle. The purpose of identifying as androgynously male or female is simply to identify your chromosomes and what kind of work you have to do to become androgynous. (ie. Males usually have to work more on shaving and extra makeup coverage to hide stubble IF they're going for that kind of look) What the first person described is an intersex person who's gender expression is feminine. Which is just a misconception really. Androgynous does not refer to sex, but to gender expression.

What is the word meaning unable to tell the difference between male or female?

The word you are looking for is "androgynous." It refers to a person or character that has both male and female characteristics, making it difficult to distinguish their gender.

What are gender patterns?

Gender patterns refer to the ways in which behaviors, roles, and expectations are influenced by an individual's gender identity or the societal perception of gender binaries. These patterns often reinforce traditional stereotypes and norms regarding masculinity and femininity. Understanding gender patterns is important in recognizing and challenging gender bias and discrimination.

What gender is Pat from SNL?

No one knows! That's the funny part of this Saturday Night Live character - Pat has an androgynous name, body type, voice, and doesn't say anything to reveal his/her gender.

What are the gender roles in Tahiti?

There aren't gender roles in Tahiti. Tahiti is perceived by the rest of the world as an androgynous society (according to Gilmore, 1990) men and women share the same status and occupational opportunities

What is androgyny and are androgynous individuals higher in emotional intelligence than people who are not?

Androgyny is the combination of both masculine and feminine traits in an individual. There is no direct correlation between androgyny and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be developed by individuals, regardless of their gender expression.