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Control group, or simply control. Please study.

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An experiment for a new medicine was tested by two groups of people One group was given the medicine The other group was given a sugar pill The sugar pill serves as the

If more reactant is added to an equilibrium system what happens to the equilibrium position for the reaction

What does a catalyst do in the Haber Process

According to zinn what is his main purpose for writing A people's history of the US

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Q: An experiment for a new medicine was tested by two groups of people One group was given the medicine The other group was given a sugar pill The sugar pill serves as the?
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What form of local government serves a specific groups of people for a specific purpose?

Special District

What are science controls?

In an experiment, the control is the group to which nothing is done. It serves as a baseline to measure any changes that might occur to the group or groups that to which external variable is applied.

In the experiment to find the fastest route to school and what serves as?

i do not know

What serves as a standard of comparison to evaluate the effectof the independent variable on the dependent variable?

The control serves as the standard in a science experiment.

How is Television purpose?

Television has a great purpose. Many times it serves as entertainment to small groups of people or as education to kids.

The standard for comparison in a experiment?

The standard for comparison in a experiment is known as a control variable. This is useful to any experiment and serves as a reference point used to draw conclusions.

Should religious groups be more accepting of gay people?

Yes. Acceptance of others is a primary theme among most religions. This blind seething hatred of gay people by religious groups serves no purpose.

What are the economic importance of the roots of the plants?

it serves as a source of medicine or in making oil......

What is the part of an experiment that serves as the point of comparison for the results?

The 'Variable' is the difference in the experiment that acts as the unknown factor. Results are drawn based on what the Variable does. -Vanack

What is the purpose of a control in an experiment?

be sure they don't effect the outcome serves as standard judging result

What is a palliative?

A palliative is an agent which serves to palliate - to mitigate or extenuate - especially a palliative medicine.

Which US airport serves the most people?

Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta serves the most people.

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