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Amitryptiline gives urine a blue appearance!

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Q: Amitriptyline give the urine what color?
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What color is your urine if you use cocaine?

What color is your urine use crack

What color does iron turn your urine?

dark urine

Is amitriptyline equivalent to amitriptyline hcl?


Does ct dye change the color of your urine?

Does computed tomography Dye change the color of urine when excreted

What are the active ingredients in amitriptyline?

What is the active ingredient in amitriptyline

Does change in color of urine mean you are pregnant?

No ususally darker urine means you need to drink more water. The color of urine is not a sign of pregnancy.

If you want yellow urine what vitamin do you take?

If your urine is any color but yellow i would suggest consulting your family physician. However, having clear urine is completely normal and is actually the most healthy color urine to have. There is really not a vitamin to turn your urine a specific color.

What color is your urine?


What was wrong with you from your urine?

URINE COLOR AND POSSIBLE CAUSES: (some foods, medications, disorder or diseases can cause more than one color of urine; the color of urine does not necessarily indicate an illness)Black urine -- excess L-dopa OR Melanin ORCopper poisoning OR Phenol poisoningBlue urine -- medications Amitriptyline, Cystex, Indomethacin Methocarbamol, Methylene, Trac Tabs, Triamterene, Urised, Uroblue OR other medications and even vitamins with blue dye OR foods with blue dyesBrown or tea-color urine Blood (The color can be due to Hemoglobin pigments or red blood cells in the urine.) ORLiver disorders (cancer, Hepatitis, Melanoma cancer) ORCopper poisoning OR Porphyria OR Gross HematuriaBrown urine certain foods (aloe vera, blackberries, fava beans, rhubarb) OR medications (like Antimalarial) ORdrug toxicity OR heat stress OR muscle trauma OR excessive physical exertion OR Clueto Rhabdomyolysis OR Myoglobinuria.Dark-brown urine excess L-dopa OR Melanin OR Copper poisoning OR Phenol poisoningGreen urine foods (like asparagus) and food dyes OR dyes used in tests for bladder and kidney functions OR medications with green dye (Amitriptyline, Cystex, Methocarbamol, Methylene, Triamterene) OR vitamins with green dye OR Eosin (turns urine green under ultraviolet light) OR urinary tract infection OR Cystex can cause the urine to turn bright-greenIndigo or Violet urine oral Tryptophan ORHematuria or Haematuria (red blood cells in the urine) ORTannic Acid OR Metabolite (indican) in alkaline urine OR plant or artificial dyes (indigo pigment or indirubin pigment) OR Purple urine bag syndrome (PUBS is a rare disorder.) OR Formaldehyde OR Logwood renders alkaline urine OR Violet Sodium Nitroprusside OReating beets can cause violet urineOrange Urine orange foods (carrots or rhubarb will turn urine from very dark yellow to orange.) OR foods with orange dye OR phenacetin, riboflavin, rifampin, sulfasalazine, vitamin C OR bile duct or liver (occurs with light-color stool and signs of Jaundice) OR Blood (The color can be due to Hemoglobin pigments or red blood cells in the urine.)Milky-colored urine bacteria OR tiny-crystals (stones) formations OR fat particles OR white-blood cells.Pink to pinkish urine Gross HematuriaRed or Reddish urine foods, beets, blackberries ORfood with dyes OR dyes in medications or vitamins OREosin (turns urine pink or red under natural light) OR Blood (The color can be due to Hemoglobin pigments or red blood cells in the urine.) OR Porphyria OR Gross HematuriaPeal-yellow to deep-amber urine is the Normalcolor or urine (darker yellow color indicates dehydration)Bright-yellow urine can be caused by multivitamins

What is straw color of urine?

This is generally a light yellow color.

What does urine gets it's normal yellow-amber or straw color from the pigment known as?

Normal urine color results from a pigment called urochrome. The actual tint will depend on the concentration or dilution of the urine. The color of urine may not always be normal; B vitamins, for example, turn urine green, and carrot juice can turn it orange.UrochromeUrochrome Urochrome

Can amitriptyline be taken with mirtazapine?

can amitriptyline be safely taken in combination with mirtazapine