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person always wants to win

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Q: Always want to win what's it called?
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Whats the word for always wanting to win?

Competitive, competitory, combative, agonistical

What game can you win lots of points on Fantage?

the most i know is splash and the basketball one i forgot whats it called...

What is one thing no one wants but always want to win?

a lawsuit

Who is a unbeatable superhero?

there is no the superheros always win thats why they called superHERO

How do you win the tickle the girl game?

whats the game and ill tell you how to win

How do you win an online facebook competition?

whats the compition

What do you call some one who always want to win the game and get mad if they don't?

A Try-hard

What is better good or evil on AQWorlds?

It can be a tough decision but i like evil "fool you cannot kill whats already undead!" -scelpture Well i chose good cuz they always win......

What does Sidney Crosby want to be now?

He wants to be the best. His drive will get them their. He always wants to win. Plain and simple.

A group that is corrupt and whose candidates almost always win elections is called a?

Recall elections

Why do people want to try and beat you in the overall ranking?

It's not about you. They want to win too.It's not about you. They want to win too.It's not about you. They want to win too.It's not about you. They want to win too.

Who would win in a battle a piranahmoose or a llama-corn?

Whats wrong with you?