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Q: Alcohol first affects the area of the brain that controls?
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What does drinking alcohol do to your balance and equilibrium?

Alcohol affects the brain first, which is where your balance and equilibrium organs reside. So naturally, alcohol makes your balance much worse and can also affect your decision making.

Snake bite first affects brain or blood?

The bite of a snake first affects the blood, unless a person is bitten directly in the brain, which would be very difficult. The reason it affects the blood first is that the venom must first travel through the blood.

Alcohol affects what muscles?

At a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .05, your muscle function, memory and judgment decrease. Then at .1 BAC you lose control of emotions and feel physically sick.

Is the frontal lobe of the brain the first part of the brain that is affected by alcohol?


Is The frontal lobe of the brain is the first part of the brain that is affected by alcohol?


Which part of the brain is affected first by alcohol consumption?

lelf side of the brain

What is the first thing that alcohol affects?

Your liver is the first thing affected, it starts to work like crazy trying to remove the alcohol. For people who are suffering from liver problems such as Hep C, drinking alcohol is the worst thing they can do. If you want a healthy lifestyle, alcohol is not a good thing.

What is the first thing alcohal affects?

Alcohol can affect a few things. Alcohol can affect the mind, body and thinking.

What effects does alcohol have on the body?

It's an old temperance myth that alcohol destroys the cells little by little and It may or may not show for the first or second time around.In the short term,Alcohol can make an individual feel the pleasure as well as forget the worries or problems.Once the high is over, depression arises.Aside from that its long term effect can also bring damage to the liver. Several alcohol related diseases take place if the liver is not working properly.Too many side effects of long-term alcohol abuse to mention, so just check the link below for more information.

Which part of the infant brain grows first?

The part of the cerebral cortex that matures first is the part that controls physical movement.

When alcohol and barbiturates are ingested they are absorbed from the GI tract and transported first to the?

to the brain

Which part of the brain is affected first by alcohol?

The frontal cortex--the part of the brain that is heavily involved in tasks such as task-management and inhibition.