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Yes. Giving birth to a stillborn affect's a woman's ability to get pregnant no differently than a live birth. Since most doctors advise women to wait 6 weeks after giving birth, they quite often have not had a period since giving birth, but are still very likely to get pregnant the very first time they have sex after that 6 week waiting period is up.

So if you do not want to get pregnant again that soon, you need to use precautions. If you do want to get pregnant again, check with your doctor to be sure it's ok for you to do so.

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Q: After stillbirth can a woman get pregnant before she has her period?
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Do woman get pregnant before there period or after period?


How late can a sexually active woman be on her period without being pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant before, during and after her period.

Is it possible that you can get pregnant 9 days to the day before your menstruation?

No if you have not had a period before but yes if you have had a period before. As soon as a woman has had her first period she can get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant before or during her period?


Can a woman get pregnant before her period begins?

Yes before you get your period the first time you ovulate.

Can a woman still get pregnant right before her period?

REAL easy.

What are the chances of getting pregnant 2 days from starting your period?

a woman can get pregnant before one or two days of her periods --- A woman has a lesser chance of falling pregnant with in the first week after her period. After the first week she is at high chance of falling pregnant, especially within the last week before her period. ----

What are the periods when you can get pregnant?

The first week after, and the last week before a woman's period.

Can a seventeen year old get pregnant a day before her period?

NO. Only after her period during ovulation. It doesn't matter how old you are. A woman can get pregnant no matter the age. If she has a period and she ovulates then she can get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant before ever having a period?

Yes! The woman can get pregnant: * anytime before her period * anytime during her period * anytime after her period * anytime ... PERIOD The above has been proven by the medical community at large time and time again. It's rather simple and logical: Having sex = getting pregnant ... it can (and does) happen to anyone. Period.

Could a woman be pregnant if she had an intercourse 2 weeks before her period?

Yes, there is a high chance that she could be pregnant

4days before a woman as a period and 4days after is it the safe not to get pregnant?

condoms are a lot safer

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