After perm can i get in pool?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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u can but u shouldn't because it washes the perm out.

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Q: After perm can i get in pool?
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How long do you have to wait to perm your hair after swimming?

Ask your beautician, but I would say at least two shampoos if you swam in chlorinated pool water.

Hi perm Filter Equipment corp made a pool filter bag about 2 ft long and 12 wide and I am looking for a replacement?

Me too

What is the difference between a spiral perm and a loose perm?

spiral perm is rolled vertical and reg perm is rolled horizontal, I think.

Can you straighten your hair after getting a perm and keep the perm afterwards?

Have you ever gotten a perm before? No, you are not supposed to, it would ruin your perm. {Perm means somthing along the line of PERMANENT!!}

Will hair dye ruin your perm?

The perm may be weakened, but it shouldn't destroy your perm.

Do you perm your scalp when you get a perm?

no, just the hair.

What is perm made from?

what doesw perm made from

Is it best to perm first then dye or dye then perm?

you always perm then colour if you colour then perm the colour would fade andneed to be re-done

How do you get your perm out?

The only way to get a perm out is to glue it within 24 minutes of receiving the perm to deactivate the glue.

How long does a perm last?

A perm can last about a year.

Does Chad Kroeger have a perm?

He did. The man had a woman's perm.

What can be used to clean perm out of hair?

Perms are chemical. A perm can not be cleaned out of the hair. A perm can only be removed by other chemicals, or time will wear a perm out. If you choose to remove your perm with chemical perm remover, you take a big risk of the added chemicals doing damage to your hair and scalp.