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Some activities that might lead to tendonitis are; swimming, playing tennis, running, gardening, painting, scrubbing the bathroom.

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Q: Activity that might lead to tendonitis?
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How does one get ankle tendonitis?

Ankle tendonitis is caused by inflammation surrounding the tendon in your ankle. Symptoms include pain and sometimes swelling, which typically occurs with increased activity.

Can playing too much tennis can cause tendonitis?

Playing too much tennis "can" cause tendonitis. Tendons connect muscles to bones and they can become swollen due to excess activity. This is called tendonitis. Tennis combines jumping and running which puts stress on tendons and makes them swell. Tennis is often the cause of tendonitis.

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Is my running causing my foot tendonitis?

There are a number of potential causes for foot tendonitis. Running could cause it, especially if you're shoes fit poorly. Activity on steep hills or on uneven ground can also contribute to this issue. Having flat feet is another potential cause.

Who discovered tendonitis?

No one knows who discovered tendonitis. Tendonitis is an inflammation of tendons causing pain in that area. A tendon is a thick fibrous chord that attaches muscle to bone.

Describe what one might have to do to cause a tendon to totally tear or develop tendonitis?


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A tendonitis that leads to mineral deposits is known as?

A tendonitis that leads to mineral deposits is referred to as calcification tendonitis. Tendinitis is when a tendon becomes inflamed, irritated, or experiences swelling.

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What is the train for a marathon with Tendonitis?

It would depend on the severity of your tendonitis and what tendons are affected. If you have tendonitis and want to train for a marathon, you should see your doctor before starting any sort of training program.