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The Johari window is used as a tool to improve and illustrate self awareness. The hidden area of the model has messages that are things you know about yourself but others do not know.

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Q: According to the Jo hari window model what are hidden messages?
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According to the jo-hari window model what are hidden messages?

Something that the sender knows but doesn't communicate to the receiver

According to the Johari Window model of the self your hidden self contains?

The hidden self in the Johari Window model represents information about yourself that others are unaware of. This can include deep personal thoughts, feelings, or experiences that you choose not to share with others.

What is joharis window?

Johari Window: A model of mutual understanding that encourages disclosure and feedback to increase our own open area and reduce the blind, hidden and unknown areas.

What is the difference between the Linear communication model and the transactional communication model?

Linear model is where there is a sender and a reciever one person sends the messages while the other recieves them. Transactional involves communicators where they send and recieve messages back and forth

Why is nonverbal communication related to the transactional model?

The transactional model model of communication suggests that individuals communicating are constantly and simultaneously sending and receiving messages. In this case, non-verbal communication is the way an individual sends messages when they're not being verbal.

The transactional model of communication underscores the fact that giving and receiving messages is?


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What statement best describes the johari window?

The Johari Window is a model that represents self-awareness and mutual understanding in relationships. It categorizes information into four quadrants: open, blind, hidden, and unknown. The goal is to increase the open area by sharing information to enhance effective communication and collaboration.

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The hidden Markov model, which is a statistical Markov model, was developed by L. E. Baum and coworkers. Information about it can be found either online on websites like Wikipedia or in books about mathematics.

Difference between linear and transactional model of communication?

linear model involves only one way communication that is messages are sent and the receiver only is one dimensional. interactional model involves not only mesages sent but also the feedback from the receiver where as in transactional model besides sending messages and giving a feedback we also have non verbal messages.