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Q: About percent of the men who received chest or stomach wounds died?
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About how many men duiring the civil war that received chest or stomache wounds died?


A chest wound that allows air to go into and out of chest without breathing?

Penetrating chest wounds are often referred to as "sucking chest wounds."

What type f dressing should be used for emergency treatment of open chest wounds?

To treat sucking chest wounds, you should use an occlusive dressing to prevent air from entering the wound.

Does lying on your stomach stop your chest from growing?


What group of trauma victims do you not elevate their legs to treat for shock?

The ones with no legs or chest wounds.

Is it normal for a man to wax his chest and stomach?

no it is not natural for him to do that.

Why do knights wear a chest plate?

to protect their chest and vital organs e.g. lungs, heart, stomach.

How do you describe the position of heart and stomach?

The position of the heart and stomach are based on their location in the abdomen and chest. The heart is near the center of the chest, while the stomach is on the bottom left of the rib cage. There is no better way to describe the position of these organs.

What is torsoand where exactly it is located?

The torso is your chest and stomach and your abs! (^^^)

If i have a sore throat stomach ache muscles hurt chest pains and chills whats wrong with me?

Sounds like a flu, stomach ache, chills, and sore muscles are about right, not sure about the chest though, could be a chest cold.

Should you give a causaulty food or drink?

Yes, especially in the cases of sucking chest wounds. Come on, are you serious?

Where in your body is your stomach found?

below your chest and above your private parts:)