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A zygote is a diploid

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Q: A zygote possesses what ploidy level?
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What is the ploidy of the zygote produced by fertilization?


What is the ploidy level of body cells?


What is the ploidy level of a seed coat?


What is the ploidy level of endosperm of gymnosperm?

Endosperm of gymnosperm is haploid(ploidy n), develop from megaspore (n) before fertilization. ploidy of endosperm in angiosperm is 3n(central cell fused with one male gamete i.e 2n+n).

What is the ploidy level of the micropyle?

The micropyle is a hole in the seed coat, it is literally nothing. Hence it is not made of cells and has no chromosomes.

Somatic cells in a human have a ploidy of what?

Generally, a somatic cell in a human body has 46 chromosomes, which are two complete sets of 23 chromosome pairs. Because they have two sets, these cells have a ploidy level of diploid.

Which statement correctly describes how cellular DNA content and ploidy levels change during meiosis you and meiosis II?

DNA content is halved in both meiosis I and meiosis II. Ploidy level changes from diploid to haploid in meiosis I, and remains haploid in meiosis II.

What is the ploidy of animal cells that are capable of meiosis?

Ploidy refers to the number of sets of chromosomes in an organism. The ploidy of animal cells that are capable of meiosis is diploid.

What is ploidy of the endosperm?


What is the ploidy of a embryo?


What is camelina sativa ploidy?

Its Hexaploid

If the chromosome no of a plant is 16 what would the chromosome no of the ploidy level of the microspore mother cell and the endosperm cells be?

Mmc's=16 as its diploidendosperm=48 as it is triploid 3n