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ask a pharmacist

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Q: A young woman comes into your pharmacy and asks your opinion on a new product the Cellu-Svelte Patch She would like to try it and wants to know if it's safe What do you tell her?
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Can the osmo patch be purchased in Australia?

There are several stocklists where you can buy the Osmo patch in Australia. They include Steve's Pharmacy, Westside Pharmacy, and True Health.

Where do you get the birth control patch?

You can get the birth control patch with a prescription at any pharmacy. The patch may also be available at your local family planning agency.

Is the birth control Patch Available Now?

The birth control patch is available at any pharmacy. All you need is a prescription from your health care provider.

Where can you buy Scopolamine Transdermal patch - 72 hour?

I bought it OTC at Shopper's Drug Mart (Canadian pharmacy).

Is patch perfect safe for goats?

No, I recently applied a patch perfect product onto one of my goats and it died instantly.

What type of product is Transact?

Transact is a pain relief product. It comes in the form of a patch and lasts for 12 hours. As Transact contains an anti-inflammatory the patch is especially good for joint and muscle pain.

Is Bridal Superstore By Posie Patch in Indiana a good bridal store?

Don't get a biased opinion. Read reviews.

Can you buy a fat loss patch, similar to the patch used by smokers to kick the habit Where online can I buy one?

Yes, you can purchase a fat loss patch online. One of the websites to find such a product is These patches are said to curb cravings and burn calories.

Which is better patch inside or outside pool?

What is BEST is to use a product made for that purpose, and to follow the instructions that come with it.

Is there a mod or patch to convert Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion from an m rating to a t rating?

No. But in my opinion, it should be rated T.

Why is the product ClimaraPro so crummyThe last 2 months the patch fell off the second day of wearing?

I've had other problems with this product and has not been as good as they pump it up to be.

Why is using a patch management policy a more efficient way of distributing software patches?

Patching in computer software is meant to fix problems. But management is important because poorly designed patches can undermine the functionality compounding the problem that it was meant to fix.