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(1 pt) antigen

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Q: A vaccine can give you active immunity because it is a form of a specific?
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Is a vaccine active immunity?

no it is not

Is the vaccine for smallpox naturally acquired passive or active immunity?


What is the name of a preparation to generate active immunity?


What is a example of Immunity's?

An example of active immunity is the oral polio vaccine because it's a live attenuated vaccine. It means that, weakened polio virus will be given to you so that your body can form antibodies from it and can fight the virus. If your body itself made the antibody from an antigen, it's an example of an active immunity.

What type of immunity do you get when you get a vaccine?

Tetanus shots protect against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis.

What shot is a follow-up vaccine that keeps immunity active?


A vaccine provides?

Vaccines provides active immunity to certain diseases.

What are the following best describes the immunity stimulated by a vaccine?

active natural

Which of the two types of immunity requires white blood cells?

The Passive and Active Immunity's, why? Because they are immunity's that your body produces in response to a specific pathogen that has infected or is infecting your body.

Why is active immunity referred to as natural immunity?

because it is.

What is a a vaccine?

medicine containing dead or weakened pathogens

What type of immunity resulting from giving a vaccine?

ADAPTIVE immunity. Your body sees the pathogen, so it can be ready if it ever encounters it again.