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flowers (: men like getting them too!

or that thing they've been dying for but never quite got around to getting.

saying 'i love you' and meaning it is huge.

a romantic picnic under the stars?

or go for the classic token of someone's love: a kiss. kiss them in the pouring rain!!

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Q: A token of someone's love and affection?
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Definition of token ring?

It is a 'token' of your affection for that person.

What gold ornament is presented by the Pope as a token of his affection?

The "Golden Rose".

What do you have to do to have emotional connection with your partner?

There are three types of affection: verbal, physical and material. Figure out which of these types the person you care about is. If you tell a physical-affection person over and over again, "I love you", it won't matter because they need physical affection to feel loved. You can buy gifts for a verbal-affection person and they will feel unloved, because they need you to actually say it. You can hug someone all day, but if they were raised in a material-affection household, they won't truly feel loved until you give them a token gift of affection.

What is the difference between love and affection?

For love your heart will make a step but for affection your mind will make a decision.

How do you Support love and affection?

Love and affection is holding this world.Without these society would collapse.

What do parents like to get from kids?

1. Parents do not expect any materials from their Kids but appreciate reciprocal behavior of love,affection & obedience or token gifts (even a card). 2.Most parents like to get recognition & respect but mostly it is love.

What does it mean when someones misplaced affection will lead to disappointment?

This could mean a lot of things. To me it meant loving my best friend (dw he was a boy :P) and I knew he wouldn't love me back. I didn't want to break that trust though. It was misplaced affection, and it DID lead to disappointment. Hope this helps.

What is a synonym for affection?


What does Juliet send romeo as a token of her love?

Only Juliet's ring, the token of her love

Couple gifts?

Gifts for your Love

When your husband tells you he is not happy and he needs love and affection what does he mean?

He is reaching out to you. Pay attention and give him the love and affection he needs.

What is affaction?

The definition of affection is to like someone in a light way. Affection doesn't always mean that you are in love or love someone but it can.