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Q: A tight-fitting covering for the foot or leg?
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A tight fitting covering for a foot or leg?


What is a tight fitting covering for the foot or leg?


A tight covering for the foot and leg?

Stocking or Tights would be an acceptable answer to this question.

What must your leg do to raise your foot?

Raise your leg and your foot

What is a coif?

The most common meanings of coif are a hair style and a tightfitting cap.

What is a type of leg covering skirt?


Which one has more bonesthe mouse foot or the leg?

The foot has more bones then the leg.

How does the ratio of the foot or leg in frog and humans compare?

A frog's foot or leg are a lot smaller

Do skater get hurt to where they can't skate anymore?

well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah

What is Protective leg covering for horse riders?


What leg did Justin Bieber brake?

He broke his foot. Not leg.

What is a foot attached to?

a leg