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The short answer to this question would be: Check with your school.

For a more thorough answer...

This depends on a number of factors, thought the ones which should be most strongly considered are the policies at the school which you attend, and your personal preferences and abilities.

Some institutions require a minimum of 12 credit hours for full-time students. This is generally most easily accomplished by taking 4 classes at 3 credit hours each, or 3 classes at 4 credit hours each.

Meanwhile, some schools can require as many as 15 credit hours before considering a student to be full-time. As most classes are either 1, 3, or 4 credits, this can be slightly more difficult to juggle, and fitting the proper classes into your personal schedule can be more difficult.

When selecting your courses, do consider your personal life. What you are and are not willing to change about your sleep schedule, study habits, work schedule (if any), and usage of your free time can either dictate or help you select what classes are right for you and when.

This answer assumes you live and attend school in the U.S. or Canada. Your institution's requirements and expectations may vary by country, or in some cases, even by state or province. Rule number one should always be 'check with your school!'

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Q: A student working full time should not take more than how many units?
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This greatly depends on the institution, so please consult your student handbook. A full-time student might have to take a minimum 9 units or credits to maintain full-time status as an undergrad, and 3-6 units as a grad student. A unit or credit is roughly equivalent to a number of hours per week in the classroom. The typical number of units or credits for an undergrad is 12.

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