A rich and powerful person

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Oprah.... We all know shes rich, but that show of hers has some real power over the American public. Did you see the mass devistation when it came out that Oprah was ending her 25 year show

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Q: A rich and powerful person
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A rich and powerful person in Egypt?


What is a rich and powerful person?

A rich, and powerful person is someone who saves up there monkey for important things like a house, and someone who is well-rounded. But dont try to be like someone your not, just be yourself and you'll be fine! ;))

Why were the Italian city-states rich and powerful?

were so rich and powerful because after the crusades people flippe dasd gobbledygook youza

What is a member of a rich and powerful family called?

A member of a rich and powerful family is often referred to as an aristocrat or elite.

It is difficult for a person to run for national office?

Yes. Running for national office require a great deal of effort, money and time away from work even if you have powerful friends who are pressuring you to run. If you have not aquired any rich and/or powerful supporters, that is the first step unless you are very rich or have a rich family.

Who were embalmed by the Egyptians?

the rich and the powerful

Why did the rich and powerful have private water supplies?

You said it in your question. They were rich and powerful so they could have things poor people couldn’t have.

Who controlled the elected assemblies in the southern colonists and why?

The plantation owners; because they were rich and powerful.

What is the word for a rich powerful Russian?


Explain why the rich and the powerful are benefited by the existence of poverty?

values are not as deeply ingrained and that changing economic opportunities

Why did the body in ancient Egypt need a mask?

to show how rich and powerful the person was. the fancier the mask, the richer and more powerful.

Why did the Aztec build such a powerful and rich state?