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Water Surface

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Q: A plant with stomata present only on the top of its leaves would be best suited to which environment?
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What environment is best suited for viviparous animals?

a clean environment is best suited for viviparous animals

How are water lilies suited to water?

the wter lily is suited for water because the leaf is very broad which means it has many stomata to release excess water.

What is an organisms that suited to its environment?

Evolution and natural selection ensures that all viable organisms are suited to their environment.

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Why are monkeys suited to their environment?

A monkey is suited to its environment for the same reason as every other living oragnism; to survive.

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Mountain goat are suited to their environment as they have thick skin and hair on their body surface that protects them from cold.

Darwin noticed that many organisms seemed well suited to?

Well suited to their environment.

What is a grevillia?

A grevillia is a plant that is suited to its environment

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How is a bat suited to its environment?

A bat is suited for its environment because of its ears. Bats are blind. Their sounds bounce of objects that allow them to detect items that surround them.

How does natural selection affect the kinds of spieces that will live in an environment that is changing?

A organism with traits that are suited to a certain environment have a better chance of surviving than organisms who's traits are not suited for the environment.