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Q: A person who believes things contradict a religion's doctrine is called?
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When religion that believes in many gods is?

Religions that believe in many Gods are called Polytheistic religions- ones that believe in only one are called Monotheistic, those that believe in two are called Dualistic.

What religions are there that can you be?

There are many, many religions. Here is a list of some of them....... 1. Christian: Believes in god, goes to church to praise. Prays 2. Catholic: A different type of christian, believes Mary is more holy than God. 3. Muslim: Believes in all different Gods. 4. I don't know what it is called but it's in the Native culture: Praises statues and totems, believes of gods in the sky called "The Elders" I'm christian and i BELIEVE in god. But actually every religion is a type of christian.

What is it called when people believe in multiple gods?

A person who believes in lots of gods would be called a polytheist.

What is a religion called that worships no gods or goddesses?

A person like that is called an athiest.AnswerBuddhism and Taoism believes there is no god. If you take them as religions, there is your answer. His Holiness the Dalai Lama referred to these religions (not in a negative fashion) as "godless religions" in his book Live in a Better Way. He categorized the major world religions as either "god religions" or "godless religions". "God religions" included Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. "Godless religions" included Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism and I believe Confucianism, but I may be mistaken.In Western theist terms a "way of Life" without religious aspects is called a philosophy not a religion. A way of life that is based on the denial of the existence of deities is called atheism. A religion without deities but which has other supernatural trappings such as reincarnation and souls (or their equivalent) does not have a specific name commonly in use. If could be referrred to as a non-theistic religion.

What is someone who believes in all gods called?

Someone who believes in all gods is called a polytheist.

The policy that called for the U.S. to help any free nation threatened by communism was called the?

Truman Doctrine

What was the belief that the us had to prevent the ussr from expanding and communism from spreading called?

The Doctrine of Containment. Also called The Truman Doctrine.

What is the doctrine of Christ called?


Which of following called for a stop to European colonization of the Americas?

The Monroe Doctrine called for a stop to European colonization of the Americas.

What are teachers of false doctrine called?


What is a truth taught by the Church called?


What was particular system of thought or doctrine is called?

That particular system of thought or doctrine is known as a philosophy.