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perceptual constancy

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Q: A person turns around and you do not see his face but you still know it is the same person This is an example of?
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What is an example of perceptual consistency?

your friend turns around and you only see her back, but you still recognize her.... APEX:).

What are ballet traveling turns?

turns executed whilst moving across/around the stage. for example: pique tourne chenae's youtube them

What is perceptual consistency?

your friend turns around and you only see her back, but you still recognize her

What is it called when your age equals your birthday?

It's called the golden birthday when a person's age coincides with the date for that particular month. For example, when a person turns 30 years old on the 30th of whatever month, or turns 12 on the 12th of whatever month, that would be their golden birthday.

What a example of rotation?

A rotation turns a shape through an angle at a fixed point as for example if you turn around backwards that will be a rotation of 180 degrees.

What is something you can do in class to confuse your teacher?

Every time your teacher turns around, have one person leave the room. The person would be standing in the hallway. Have one person leave every time he turns around. See how long it takes him to notice the missing people. When he does, all the people in the hallway walk in.

Who never has a golden birthday?

A golden birthday is when a person turns the same age as the date of their birthday. For example, a person turns twelve on the twelfth of the month. The people that have not had a golden birthday are people that did not live long enough to see this day come.

What does the moon have?

the sun stays still the earth ROTATES and orbits while the earth ORBITS on its AXIS it turns around till it is dark and the moon orbits around the earth.

Why man turns to crime in biological?

There is no widely accepted biological reason that an individual turns to crime. It could be said, however, that biological needs can create situations that require criminal activity. For example - if a person is homeless and it happens to be cold outside, that person may break into a building to prevent freezing to death. Maintaining homeostasis could be used as a "stretched" example.

What does secured orbit mean?

the earth is turns around the sun and the moon is turns around of the earth

What year would you have to be born in to be 14?

If a person turns 14 in 2012, they were born in 1998 If a person turns 14 in 2013, they were born in 1999 And a person who turns 14 in 2014 was obviously born in 2000.

Example of a device that turns electric energy into kinetic?

One example is an electric motor, which turns electrical energy into kinetic energy.