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Q: A patient has had a stroke and has a right-sided weakness which side should you assist from?
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Which tool should be used when transferring a patient from a bed to a wheelchair?

It depends on what degree of help you need! If a patient is able to assist themselves even partially, pivot to a wheelchair. If a patient uses a sliding transfer board, assist the pt to use it. If a patient is too heavy or too ill for a 1 person lift or cannot assist, use a Hoyer lift.

What are your area of weakness?

When you are asked what your weaknesses are, you should mention areas that you need to improve on. You should also say what you are doing to improve on them.

What is the correct way to dress and undress a patient who has a weakness on one side of the body?

The weak side should be dressed AND undressed first

Should you ask permission to assist or touch a patient for first aid?

Yes. You should calmly explain to them what you are going to do and try to reassure them that you know what you are doing and that help is on the way.

What are the risk factors associated with glucose tests?

The patient may experience weakness, fainting, sweating, or other reactions while fasting or during the test. If any of these reactions occur, the patient should immediately inform the doctor or nurse.

Must you have the patient's permission to enlist an interpreter to explain medical procedures in the patient's native language?

If you can not communicate with the patient how can you first get a permission. Reasonably it should be OK to use an interpreter to explain things to a patient but you would need the patient's permission to involve the interpreter in discussions relating to the patient's medical condition. Presumably the interpreter could assist in obtaing this consent.

What is the Suicune weakness?

it's weakness should be grass. if not, then fire.

What's true in regards to dressing a patient with weakness or paralysis?

In regard to dressing a patient with weakness or paralysis, there are certain procedures you should observe.First, without fail, learn what the person can do for themselves and let them do it, even if it takes extra time. A patient should never be treated like a child or doll that we dress and undress. Maintain their independence, no matter how small it might be. Same for bathing.Help most with the affected arm or leg. Teach ways the person can do more themselves.Assist as needed, but don't assume the person cannot do things.Remember the affected side still needs exercise. Help with passive or assisted Range of Motion (ROM).Remember that abilities can fluctuate day to day. Assist when needed. ASK "do you need help" rather than jumping in.

When mobilizing a weak or unsteady patient which technique should consider using?


Is fatigue common for Coronary Stenting?

Fatigue and weakness are common after the procedure. The patient should limit activities for the first two days after the procedure and can gradually resume normal activities by the end of the week.

Where can one find information on how to apply for patient care technician jobs?

You can find bountiful information on how to aplly for patient care technician jobs at your friendly local hospital or medical clinic. If they can't assist you your local medical college should be able to.

What was the weakness of the Roman god Neptune?

He was a god, why should he have weaknesses? OKAY, he DOES have one! his weakness is..... ASK.COM