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" Drippy Faucet " " Squeaky Hinge "

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Q: A metaphor for an annoying person?
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What is the most annoying characteristic of a person?

What can be 'annoying' to one person may not be annoying to another person. So it is impossible to answer the question.

What do you get when you have a annoying person?

You get some one annoying.

What is a noun for a person who is annoying?

Examples of synonyms (nouns) for 'a person who is annoying' are:annoyancenuisancepestloudmouthknow-it-allaggravation

What should a person do about an annoying person who won't leave them alone?

Well you ask them to let you have some space or tell someone (maybe the annoying person's parents) that the said annoying person is a stalker.

Is it annoying being with an annoying friend?

If the person is annoying to you she or he is but if not they are not annoying they are not annoying at all. personally i have experience sitting next to an annoying friend called Travers, Georgie

How can a person be not annoying?

It is difficult to state how a person can not be annoying depending on what it is about the person that has become annoying. There are a few options, and one would be to try and speak to the person in a reasonable manner to explain what one finds annoying. Some things that can assist a person are to respect boundaries, being humble and learning to listen.

What is a metaphor for a person who is not a well behaved person?


What does troublemaking mean?

a person that is annoying

Does a annoying person get fed up if you ignore the person?


What is a metaphor for a happy person?

on cloud nine

How do you put up with an annoying person?

Kill them

What makes an annoying person?

Chris Watson