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the guy will probably never stop liking u so u can ask him out again.

.....I agree. As long as you didnt treat him bad and you two are still friendly, he is 99.9% sure to want to see you. In my opinion that is. If of course, you and he arent too friendly now, maybe not. Only you will know.

At the end of the day, he proved he liked you by asking you twice, if you now like him...go for it. I think he'll be thrilled. If in the unlikely event he isn't interested now, at least you wont be feeling like this forever and never knowing.....that my friend is much, much, much worse than being rejected. Good luck.

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Q: A guy asked me out twice and i rejected him both times but now im in love with him im afraid to tell him because he might not be interested anymore what do i do?
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