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I think you shouldn't because its wrong...and she needs to know how to be faithful and only mess with 1 person.. or catch somethin...I just wouldn't risk the trouble and in the end someone always find out

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Q: A girl asked you out but she already has a boyfriend her boyfriend is one of your mates but she said shed keep it between you and her if you said yes what should you say?
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What if a guy you liked asked you out but your not allowed to date until your sixteen and you said no already?

I think you should say im not aloud to go out but still can we be boyfriend and girlfriend

I've already asked this girl out she said she has a boyfriend but the boyfriend is her ex-boyfriend also he is to predictable she doesn't like it?

Maybe she just doesnt want to go out with you.

How do you become Friends with a girl I already asked out?

If you already asked a girl out that should be the beginning of friendship. Try and call her, ask about the happening on her side.

My best friend and my boyfriend are always flirting even when I am there I asked my boyfriend and he said he didn't flirt or anything I've already talked to her and my boyfriend What should I do?

well if yall have been together for a while kinda let it slide but flirt with one of his buddys and if he says something then bring up why you did it in the first place.

What happens when someone has asked an identical question before on WikiAnswers?

If someone has already asked the same question before on WikiAnswers, then you shouldn't ask the question. You should look at the answer already provided there. If there isn't an answer, then you just have to wait until someone answers it. Asking an already asked question should bring up a message, informing you that the question has already been asked and answered.

What If one of your friends already asked your boyfriend if he was liking somebody else what do you do?

You should ask your friend why she felt like she needed to ask him that; explain how it makes you feel & that you didn't like that she'd ask him something like that. Also talk to your boyfriend about it. Be honest & upfront with everyone.

EveryBody at my school is telling me that this guy should date me. He's kinda my friend and one day he came up to me and asked if we should fake go out. What do I do?

dont tell him hes ugly and u dont want to go out with him and that you already have a boyfriend

If your boyfriend hasn't asked you about your plans for Thanksgiving should you ask him?

If one hasn't been asked, one should ask. Now would be a good time to do so.

What should you do if your boyfriend asked you to marry him?

say not right now and wait to u 2 get older

What kind of questions should be asked towards your boyfriend?

You could ask him questions such as: Does he love you? What does he think about you? What does he dream about?

Should a girl ever make the first move?

Sure why not i asked out my boyfriend and i held his hand first

Your boyfriend has just asked you if you want to sext and you do but you are not sure what to say Should you do it?

If u don't want to don't do it