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A friend who is flirting with all the guys may be insecure. Your friend may crave attention and feel that flirting with everyone is the only way to get it.

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Q: A friend flirting with all the guys?
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If you are a cheerleader and the cheer squad has recently added guys to the squad and they have started talking to you do they think of you as a friend or more?

It depends what they talk to you about and how they act to you. Guys CAN talk to you without flirting. You can have GUY friends, not all guys have to be boyfriends.

Why does your girl friend brags about other guys flirting with her?

Either she enjoys it or shes just tryign to get a reaction out of you.

Why was he blowing bubbles at you wean you wear at someones wedding and you were talking to your friend?

he was trying to flirt. guys are horrible at flirting, but...

Why do guys pick on girls at school my friend wanted to know.?

Most guys pick on girls at school because that's the way they show they like you or there way of flirting.

What should I do if My pregnant girlfriend is flirting with Other guys?

You should talk to your girlfriend about it. Talk to her about how it makes you feel when you see her flirting with other guys.

Do girls like friendship with little flirting messages?

It all depends on the individual girl. Some don't like to flirt with other guys unless they're single. Others don't mind it and think it's just a little thing, no big deal. It all depends on the girl and what she thinks about flirting with a friend and nothing more.

How do you know when a guy is going to ask you out?

He stops flirting with you he stops staring at you and all the other stuff that guys do.

Flirting over texting?

nothing wrong with it

Does a guy like you if he calls you his best friend?

That doesnt necessarily mean he likes you. You guys could actually be best friends or he could be flirting. Just ask him about it.

How do i know if my friend is cheating on her boyfriend how do you know if she is trying to still my boyfriend?

well she may not pay much attention to her boyfriend and is hanging out with other guys and maybe flirting with them.

What would you do if your friend is flirting with the guy you like who has a girlfriend but she likes someone else and denies flirting with 'your' guy?

That's no friend - dump her.

Guy friend who gets weirdly jealous when other guys flirt with you But he is dating another friend of mine What is up?

well he obivosly still cares for you cause he lost something he cared about dearly and trying to move on by dating another girl but can't recover by seeing you hanging out with guys or flirting.