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Q: A dromomaniac would rather than do anything else?
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What does choosing someone over anything any day?

It means that the person who said that really likes you and would rather spend time with you than anything else any day

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anything else do you need anything else would you like anything else

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Ernest Hemingway!

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algo mas= anything else se ofrece algo mas= would you like anything else

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Grass, Other animals accidants

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That you would do anything for someone else.

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By Naming how would with anything else.

Could roborovski hamsters choke on bamboo sticks?

yes it could. i would rather not give your hamster a bamboo stick as a treat or anything else. whatever you do dont feed it to your hamster! :)

What is a reason not to come to the US?

You would rather go someplace else.

Do you need anything else in spanish?

No, I can communicate in English. Thank you for offering.

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The obvious answer would be the shower head but if anything else were on the shower you would have to search somewhere else

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Nothing would be able to adhere to anything else.