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22 boys and 19 girls

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Q: 41 children in class 2 more boys than girls how many of each?
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What would the correct ratio of boys to girls be if there are 24 girls in a class of 50 students?

If there are 24 girls in a class of 50 and we assume the remaining students are boys, then there are 26 boys and the ratio of boys to girls is 26boys/24girls = 13/12=1.08333 boys for each girl.

A physical education class has three times as many girls as boys. During a class basketball game the girls average 18 points each and the class as a whole averages 17 points per person. How many point?

The boys averaged 14 points each.

198 children are divided into 9 equal groups The number of boys and girls in each group are th same If there are 108 boys altogether how many girls are there in each group?


There are 16 boys and 12 girls in Mrs Hart's math class she divides the class into study groups so that each group has the same number of boys and girls what is the greatest number of study groups?


Rs 49.25 was divided into 150 children's Such that each boy got Rs 0.25 and each girl got Rs 0.50 How many boys and girls are there?

103 boys & 47 girls.

From a group of 15 of girls and boys 15 boys leave There are then two boys for each girl Next 45 boys leave and there remain 5 girls for each boy How many girls and boys were in the original group?

15 girls and 93 boys?? sorry... i have no clue!

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How are boys and girls different from each other?

boys can stay out late, but girls cannot

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Boys are a lot better because girls think boys can't do anything they can do.

In a math class of 26 students each girl drew a triangle and each boy drew a rectangle there were 92 sides in all how many girls and boys were in the class?

Ans: 14 boys & 12 girls. Here's how: Assume x boys. So 26 - x girls. x boys & i rect per boy --- 4x sides; 26 - x girls & i tri per girl --- 3(26 -x) sides Hence, 4x + 3(26 - x) = x + 78 sides in all, and this = 92. So x = 14

Do boys have better grips than girls?

boys think they are better but sometimes it is different ! girls and boys can just be as good as each other

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No. Girls and boys are each only one half of the human race. You must have each of them to have a family and to continue the race!