40d and n of the gf?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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great flood

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Q: 40d and n of the gf?
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That point is still in Turkey.

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Before you start, this was all distributed by you're a Youtuber, subcribe for Call of Duty Modern Warfare walkthroughs!Grading Scale:Army Size(AS): 1-Small 2-Average 3-LargeWeapon Capacity(WC): 1-Below Average/Improving 2-Average 3-HighGround Forces(GF): 1-Below Average/Improving 2-Average 3-PowerfulAir Force(AF): 1-Below Average/Improving 2-Average 3-PowerfulNavy(N): 1-Below Average/Improving 2-Average 3-PowerfulThese are all the strongest armies from every continent (excluding Australia )Strongest African Armies:10.Zimbabwe AS: 2 WC:1 GF:2 AF:2 N:19.Niger AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:18.Ghana AS:2 WC:1 GF:2 AF:2 N:27.Uganda AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:1 N:26.South Africa AS:1 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:25.Congo AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:14.Senegal AS:1 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:23.Angola AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:1 N:22.Libya AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:21.Egypt AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:3 N:2Strongest Asian Armies10.Iran AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:29.Turkey AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:28.Indonesia AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:27.Vietnam AS:3 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:26.Isreal AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:35.South Korea AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:34.North Korea AS:2 WC:3 GF:2 AF:2 N:33.Japan AS:2 WC:3 GF:1 AF:3 N:32.India AS:3 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:31.China AS:3 WC:2 GF:3 AF:3 N:3Strongest European Armies10.Sweden AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:29.Norway AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:28.Ukraine AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:27.Italy AS:1 WC:2 GF:2 AF:3 N:26.Finland AS:1 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:25.Ireland AS:1 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:24.France AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:33.UK AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:3 N:22.Germany AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:3 N:31.Russia AS:2 WC:3 GF:3 AF:3 N:3Strongest North American Armies ( From Top 5 )5.Jamaica AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:24.Cuba AS:1 WC:3 GF:2 AF:2 N:23.Canada AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:22.Mexico AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:21.USA AS:2 WC:3 GF:3 AF:3 N:3Strongest South American Armies ( From Top 5 )5.Ecuador AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:24.Peru AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:23.Chile AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:22.Argentine AS:2 WC:2 GF:2 AF:2 N:21.Brazil AS:2 WC:2 GF:3 AF:2 N:2Top 20 strongest armies in the world...20.Iran19.Turkey18.Indonesia17.Chile16.Libya15.Vietnam14.Brazil13.Canada12.Italy11.Isreal10.South Korea9.France8.Egypt7.North Korea6.Mexico5.Japan4.UK3.India2.GermanyThis next one ( #1 ) is actually a tie...1.Russia, China, and USAThank you for reading!

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Does Mindless Behavior have gf?

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40 equals d and n of the gf?

Forty Days and Nights of the Great Flood.

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T gf n bcπŸ˜™πŸ€žπŸΎπŸ€£πŸ€£

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